IT & Software Solutions. TDGI Angola


Technological Tools to support management are an unavoidable need for those who manage teams and facilities. The technology optimizes the services influencing the increase in productivity and supports the manager in making decisions. Recognizing this reality, we develop technological solutions to support management, with tools and software directed to the needs of each client.

GLOSE EAM - Global Solutions. TDGI Portugal
  • Centralized solutions for integrating different systems
  • Real-time monitoring and monitoring
  • Fast and effective control of any problems
  • Immediate corrective actions
Controlo 24 - Global Solutions. TDGI Portugal
  • Reception of Alarms / Remote Access
  • 24 hour control
  • Condition control
  • Technical assistance
  • Alarm personalization
  • Remote Access to the GTC System
  • Web Application Available to Customers
INERGY - Global Solutions. TDGI Portugal
  • Monitoring of Energy Consumption
  • Temperature and Humidity Record
  • Air Quality Record
  • Energy optimization